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Do you want to have a great time in London?

London Tours and Photos can provide you with a unique experience!

An awesome city tour with a guide who is also a photographer…


You will not only have a great day but will also keep these memories a lifetime looking at your beautiful photos.

 Here is how it works!

  • Contact me about your questions. Once you are happy with the answers and ready to make a reservation I will kindly ask for a deposit or full fees.
  • With respect to your needs that were all stated during reservation, I will be planning the city tour. When the plan is completed, I will contact you to inform you briefly.
  • We will meet as planned and will begin out tour.
  • During the tour, I will be taking your photos at every place we will be visiting while giving some brief information about the places.
  • When the tour is completed, we will separate as planned.
  • In the next 7 days, I will finish processing the photos and will deliver them to you securely via Internet.
  • I will be glad if you write back to me about your happiness and also do not hesitate to let me know if you have any critics about my service! I would love to be recommended so please let your friends know about London Tours & Photos! Thank you!
Inan is a London based photographer who loves long photo walks in the city. He has been doing these walks for 5+ years and enjoys every moment when he is out and about. Inan has also been helping thousands with his advises about the life in London & England for many years via his London life website which is available in Turkish language. His work has been featured on magazines, online games and photo galleries. You can check his portfolio at his photography page on Facebook


Lets look at the benefits of these tours:

  • If your English level is low, you will still enjoy your day while learning quite a bit about London.

  • You do not need to spend time on planning where to go, how to get there, which routes to follow etc… It will all be planned. Any specific requirements are also considered and will be included in our tour plan.

  • You will not struggle finding a solution for many difficulties and incidents during your tour. As we know things can go wrong and can ruin your day. It is easier to get help when there is someone who is able to provide his experience. Road/path closures, tube cancellations, bad weather etc.

  • A guided tour with many interesting and enjoyable information throughout the day.

  • Benefit of having your private professional photographer for the entire tour. A photographer who will walk around with you and take your great photos for a very affordable price.

  • All in all you will save a reasonable amount of time, enjoy your day with your loved ones. Hassle free and take away your great memories with you. Best of all, these memories will be kept a lifetime while looking at your lovely photos.

Who should be interested? Why?

Couples who are on their honeymoon / holiday in London.

First of all, you will have a private photographer during the tour. You will not need to spend time planning your day. You will enjoy your tour while maximising the time you spend together. Who would want their partner to focus on taking photos rather than holding hands and enjoying the day together while on their honeymoon? Treat yourself with this tour!

A family who would like to see London.

During a tour in the city things might become complicated with kids.  I know it as I am a father too. While spending time on my daughter, I would not spare enough time for the rest. If you have a few kids, the problems can only multiply. While busy with your family, in a foreign city, going to places you have not been before, might cause some trouble. You might end up not seeing much yet getting really tired after a long and not satisfying day. I am not even counting bothering to take photos wherever you visit. (I actually did count). Why don’t you find out more by just sending an email?

Friends or a few couples (together with kids) who would like a city tour in London.

Especially for those who are booking for 6 to 10 people will benefit the most by having the cheapest fees per person. You will pay a very small fee per person and what you will get is a great package! Includes, hassle free tour planning, time saving, saving your hard earned cash, no arguing over where to go and what to do (especially if you get lost, it might become difficult to chose who to follow in large groups). Oh and one of the best benefit is of course having your private photographer who will take your quality photos for the entire tour. Mind you, what you individually will pay per person for an entire day is less than hiring a photographer for an hour photo shooting. What are you waiting for?

Employers whose employees are coming to London.

In addition to being a great gift from you to your employees, thanks to saving time you will also save money. Add to that having some awesome photos which you can add to your company events page or just share on your social media channels. What else is more valuable than giving your employees a chance to have a great day in the city? It is even more valuable for them as they are likely to have a very limited time to make the most out of it. Just make them happy!

Individuals who are visiting London.

You would like someone to accompany your trip during your visit. You might want to feel safer and be motivated to see the city and have fun. Having a private photographer all day long for a very affordable price might be an interesting benefit for you. Do not hesitate to get in touch!

Anybody who are looking to buy a gift to their loved ones.

Why not? Are you not always looking for an interesting idea for a gift? It does not always need to be a botle of perfume or a gadget. If your friend or relative wanted to visit London for a long time and it is finally happening, give them a gift to multiply their happiness. Mind you, they will appreciate it so much that with some great photos to look at, they will never forget the trip and so your gift. How awesome is that? You might be the parents who are sending their children to London and you want them to have great time here. You might even be sending your parent to London and worried that they will struggle with the language barrier or just the chaotic atmosphere of a big city. Worry no more! Just drop me an email, lets talk!

What to expect?

It is not your average guided touristic tour. It is a fun, enjoyable guided photo tour of London. Who really wants to listen to a tour guide that talks thousand words about a historic building and at the end of the day you will not remember a single thing he said? Oh let alone wasting your precious time standing there and listening to things you might easily find and read yourself. Your time is limited in the city and you want to make the most of it! A balanced tour plan that includes the things listed below is that you should expect from this photographic guided London tour.


  •  A good tour plan. (Which will greatly help making the most of your time in London. Enjoyable day that meets YOUR needs, not a tourism agency’s or an ordinary tour guide’s needs)

  •  Valuable and memorable brief information about the places we will be visiting.  (A mix of short informations from the history and modern day life)

  •  Portraits full of details and plenty of the city together with movie-scene-like spontaneous photo shooting whenever it is possible during our tour. (Whether you like getting your photos taken or not, at the end of the trip, you will have a great collection of photos to remind you the good times in London)

Note that it is a private service, the prices are accordingly very affordable. As they say, it is all about customer satisfaction. Well, I will have a great day meeting with some nice tourists who are interested in seeing London through the eyes of a photographer!

Enquiries and Reservations

Please use Contact Us page for your enquiries.

Half and full day tours are available to meet your requirements. We can also custom shape the tours depending on your needs. There will be an extra discount on 2 or 3 days tours.

Prices are currently reduced as I have decided to make them as affordable as possible. If you book for a group of 6 people or more you will only pay £85 £45 per person for a full day tour and photography service! You will not find a similar service anywhere. I am totally into providing a great service and meeting with some like-minded people out there who are interested in spending their time with me and who like my photography! It is critical for my work to be recommended and it is obvious that anyone who likes something will recommend it to their friends. This is exactly what I want. Great service, affordable prices and being recommended…

I would like to invite you to read the London Tours and Photos – Terms and Conditions. I am more than happy to help you with your enquiries. Please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Looking forward to meeting you! All the best!


London Tours & Photos is a unique touristic service!Here is Why...