Who should be interested?

It is suitable for many visitors who would like to make the most of their trip to London. In particular;

Couples, Families, Group of friends, Employers, Individuals, Parents and Children will find this service a perfect match to their needs.

Here is why…

Couples who are on their honeymoon / holiday in London.

First of all, you will have a private photographer during the tour. You will not need to spend time planning your day. You will enjoy your tour while maximising the time you spend together. Who would want their partner to focus on taking photos rather than holding hands and enjoying the day together while on their honeymoon? Treat yourself with this tour!

A family who would like to see London.

During a tour in the city things might become complicated with kids.  I know it as I am a father too. While spending time on my daughter, I would not spare enough time for the rest. If you have a few kids, the problems can only multiply. While busy with your family, in a foreign city, going to places you have not been before, might cause some trouble. You might end up not seeing much yet getting really tired after a long and not satisfying day. I am not even counting bothering to take photos wherever you visit. (I actually did count). Why don’t you find out more by just sending an email?

Friends or a few couples (together with kids) who would like a city tour in London.

Especially for those who are booking for 6 to 10 people will benefit the most by having the cheapest fees per person. You will pay a very small fee per person and what you will get is a great package! Includes, hassle free tour planning, time saving, saving your hard earned cash, no arguing over where to go and what to do (especially if you get lost, it might become difficult to chose who to follow in large groups). Oh and one of the best benefit is of course having your private photographer who will take your quality photos for the entire tour. Mind you, what you individually will pay per person for an entire day is less than hiring a photographer for an hour photo shooting. What are you waiting for?

Employers whose employees are coming to London.

In addition to being a great gift from you to your employees, thanks to saving time you will also save money. Add to that having some awesome photos which you can add to your company events page or just share on your social media channels. What else is more valuable than giving your employees a chance to have a great day in the city? It is even more valuable for them as they are likely to have a very limited time to make the most out of it. Just make them happy!

Individuals who are visiting London.

You would like someone to accompany your trip during your visit. You might want to feel safer and be motivated to see the city and have fun. Having a private photographer all day long for a very affordable price might be an interesting benefit for you. Do not hesitate to get in touch!

Anybody who are looking to buy a gift to their loved ones.

Why not? Are you not always looking for an interesting idea for a gift? It does not always need to be a botle of perfume or a gadget. If your friend or relative wanted to visit London for a long time and it is finally happening, give them a gift to multiply their happiness. Mind you, they will appreciate it so much that with some great photos to look at, they will never forget the trip and so your gift. How awesome is that? You might be the parents who are sending their children to London and you want them to have great time here. You might even be sending your parent to London and worried that they will struggle with the language barrier or just the chaotic atmosphere of a big city. Worry no more! Just drop me an email, lets talk!

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